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Ambient Media Player - Light up and Color Your Life.

Create "a new culture of audio-visual"

Monotonous days happen, right? We have all been there. But we believe that there is still precious time within our normal daily life. A time to quietly relax, a time to let your hair down. A time to share a special moment with someone. The moment you discover something new and the world you once knew expands. Shouldn’t these special moments be a precious time in our everyday lives? Creating such moments and letting them it naturally (and gently) be a part of our lives, giving color to the atmosphere; that is AMP. Our vision is to create "a new culture of audio-visual"by the use of AMP for the precious time in your everyday life.
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    Light up and color your life.

    Everyone appreciates a room with beautiful decor and ambiance, so we developed a media player perfect for home living, as well as offices and public spaces. AMP never clashes with your preferences, or furnishings; AMP is always quietly complimentary. The curated images and sounds from AMP blend naturally into the background just like the other room furnishings creating a pleasant atmosphere and environment.
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    Go beyond plain "watching"

    Creators have long produced content to inspire our hearts, but sometimes TVs and PCs are not always giving us the best, and so our dream was to go beyond plain ""watching"" and really enrich lives that can "feel" the color.


  • member_taniguchi.jpg

    谷口 旭
    Akira Taniguchi

  • member_ueda.jpg

    上田 倫未
    Tomomi Ueda

  • member_kan.jpg

    姜 花瑛
    Hwayoung Kang

  • member_sakai.jpg

    坂井 剛
    Takeshi Sakai

  • member_seki.jpg

    關 智子
    Tomoko Seki

  • member_shiota.jpg

    塩田 羊佑
    Yosuke Shiota

  • member_yokota.jpg

    横田 雅美
    Masami Yokota

  • member_morishita.jpg

    森下 浩充
    Hiromitsu Morishita

  • member_yuki.jpg

    幸 裕弘
    Yasuhiro Yuki

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