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New Aroma & Music Experience

Aromatic notes for your hearts desire

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

Feeling energized when you are waking up. Relaxing more with your favorite music. Falling asleep easily and sleeping better. Aromas can transport you to a different state of mind in your daily life.Aromation will be there with you to support you with scents that can gently alter your mood to fit your needs.
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    Features of Aromation

    < Synced with your music >

    Analyzes the music and creates aroma to fit the mood of the sound.

    < Tuned into your schedule >

    Delivers music that matches your daily schedule.

    < Tailored to your space >

    Provides aromas suited to spaces such as your bedroom or kitchen.

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    Service by Aromation

    - Sales of smart aroma device and aroma cartridges as kits

    - Providing aromas and music to fit the user’s mood

    - Optional sales of additional aromas


  • member_yokota.png

    横田 雅美
    Masami Yokota

  • member_akimoto.png

    秋元 伸浩
    Nobuhiro Akimoto

  • member_morimoto.png

    森本 高志
    Takashi Morimoto

  • member_ikeda_2.png

    池田 雅子
    Masako Ikeda

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