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Cooking prep platform for weekday dinners

Making weekday dinner preparation easy!

On weekdays, cooking dinner on a tight schedule can be really hard on your mind and body, especially if you are already tired from work. But now you can count on minacena. It’s a cooking prep platform that makes weekday dinner preparation easy. It provides comprehensive cooking prep services, including menu proposals, grocery delivery, cooking prep, and a recipe library.
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    Easy to order

    1. Prep order is easy by smartphone
    Select one set from the three options. 1 set consists of 5 main and 5 side dishes. The menus always use fresh seasonal ingredients and change every month. You can substitute dishes in the menu.

    2. Ingredients set will be delivered
    Shopping will be coordinated with a nearby online grocery store. Cooling box delivery can be made if you’re not home (optional service).
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    Delicious meals effortlessly

    1. Food prepped for you
    A Prep Pro will visit you and prep 10 dishes in 3 hours in your kitchen, using Panasonic’s prepped menu recommendation engine and smart kitchen appliances. Tastefully prepared items will be frozen for later use.

    2. You can finish up, easy and delicious
    The minacena app guides you to finish and serve dinner quickly. Enjoy your flavorful just-made dinner as a family.
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    Learn to cook, make it your own

    1. Easy-to-cook recipes provided Browse through minacena’s recipe library of simple but tasty meals anytime. You can cook delicious dinners, even without a Prep Pro.

    2. Customize your recipe collection
    Register your favorite minacena recipes, even modifying the taste, if you like, so you can make them yourself exactly the way you want.


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    豊岡 英里子
    Eriko Toyooka

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    青柳 圭祐
    Keisuke Aoyagi

  • minacena_kimura.jpg

    木村 源太
    Genta Kimura

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