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Automatic beverage thickener for dysphagia support

Quick and convenient solution for thickening beverages for people who have difficulties in swallowing

When people with dysphagia, which lowers the function of swallowing, take liquids, they need to thicken the beverage to prevent aspiration. However, it is difficult to prepare beverages with appropriate thickness. Making a mistake raises the risk of aspiration and may lead to an inability to drink. Swallowee provides a solution by simplifying the difficult task of thickening, to lessen the burden of preparing thickened beverages, and regain the joy of drinking.
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    Automatic beverage thickening feature

    To make a beverage with the appropriate thickness, you need to be careful about the type of beverage, brand of thickener, temperature, and stirring time. Swallowee determines the type, amount, and temperature of the beverage, and automatically measures the optimal amount of thickener. The entire process is automatic, from adding the thickener to stirring.
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    3 steps for simple, consistent thickening

    1. Pour your beverage of choice into the dedicated cup.
    2. Place the cup on the stirring base with the muddler in it.
    3. Select thickness and start.

    Remove the muddler, and it’s done.
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    Swallowing exercises by vocalization

    After stirring, you can practice vocalization according to Swallowee’s instructions for the time required for the thickness to stabilize. This stretches the muscles needed for drinking and helps to prevent aspiration. In the future, Two-way communication will be possible between Swallowee and users. Swallowing exercises can be more enjoyable through daily conversation.
    *Plan to have speech therapist as the supervisor.
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    Swallowee app features

    1. Fluid intake monitoring
    You can record the total amount of thickened beverages created with Swallowee and if the app determines that it’s not enough, the app sends a notification to your smartphone.

    2. Thickener delivery service
    The app calculates the remaining amount of thickener. When the amount is low, it will automatically send you more thickener.


  • Swallowee_harada.jpg

    原田 彩乃
    Ayano Harada

  • Swallowee_ito.jpg

    伊藤 忠弘
    Tadahiro Ito

  • Swallowee_ishii.jpg

    石井 大我
    Taiga Ishii

  • Swallowee_nakajima.jpg

    中嶋 絢子
    Junko Nakajima

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