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Item checker at the door

Leave home with a great feeling.

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

If your kids forget to take something, they’ll be reminded at the door. The voice assistant, Hitokoe, can help with your busy family mornings, making sure that everyone leaves home with everything they need.
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    Going out without forgotten items

    For things you need every day, you can place RFID tags on the items you need everyday. Hitokoe reminds you when you do not bring it. For things you need on certain days, Hitokoe tells you the items you need when you've registered your schedule. Hitokoe also suggests you with what you need based on the weather forecast.
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    How Hitokoe works

    There are simlpe 3 steps to use Hitokoe.
    1. Place RFID tags on the items you don’t want to forget to take.
    2. Register them using the app on your smartphone using their QR codes.
    3. When a tag is not detected,Hitokoe reminds you by voice and display.
    When nothing is missing, it says “Have a nice day.”
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    All your family can share Hitokoe

    Hitokoe is not only for kids but for everybody.


  • hatae.jpg

    波多江 広佳
    Hiroyoshi Hatae

  • inoue.jpg

    井上 昌平
    Shohei Inoue

  • kanamaru.jpg

    金丸 寛史
    Hiroshi Kanamaru

  • fujino_1010744.jpg

    藤野 将弘
    Masahiro Fujino

  • kurita.jpg

    栗田 貴宏
    Takahiro Kurita

  • shigetomi.jpg

    重富 大輔
    Daisuke Shigetomi

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