Vol.6 Innovative Seeds Take Root

For the two teams selected to present at SXSW - Göbie and SLEEPWISE - the journey continues beyond final presentations. The weeks ahead will see them polishing physical design further, attempting to craft a real working prototype, design their SXSW booth, and plan interactions for visitors to the booth.

With the winning student teams making preparations for their exhibition, there is growing anticipation among the Panasonic team. For Göbie, the idea of play as an important adult interaction that can directly affect wellness resonated with Support Project Leader Nobuhiro Akimoto (Aki), who feels that the "concept will play up with participants at SXSW." Alternately, Panasonic Engineer Tom Ogawa is eager to hear feedback on SLEEPWISE from both users and manufacturers, as the concept features a blend of data input and output capabilities that is new for Panasonic.


Göbie - Concept Statement

Created by Qinzi Tan, Tim Ronco, Courtney Snavely, Jane Mitchell

A tight connection with one's community inspires feelings of safety and fulfillment. Team Göbie drew inspiration from friends and family who claimed to be experiencing an uptick in online communication and social media, while face-to-face communication was either stagnant or declining. The Göbie wearable is intended to create interaction within specific social communities or spontaneous moments of play throughout the course of the day.

SLEEPWISE - Concept Statement

Created by Kristen Duff, Mikei Huang, Carson Lai, Iris Qu

Everyone sleeps differently, no two sleepers are quite the same. The SLEEPWISE wearable learns your sleep behaviors and syncs with IoT devices to optimize your sleep environment. By monitoring body temperature, movement, room temperature, humidity and sound, SLEEPWISE gradually builds a personalized sleep profile and uses the data to improve your sleep cycles by adjusting lighting and temperature via connected devices.


App analyzes data input from several sensors.


App establishes user's sleep profile.


The sleep profile syncs with smart appliance (i.g. Philips Hue) and adjusts the environment accordingly.


Smart sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, etc.

The design story continues in Volume 7, as the Göbie and SLEEPWISE teams design user experiences and refine their prototypes for SXSW. Read it now.


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