Mar 10, 2018

Panasonic House @ SXSW Report (1st day)

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Panasonic House @ SXSW Report (1st day)

Panasonic House @ SXSW is finally open!! Thanks to everyone who came out to see our cool new concepts! We open tomorrow at 9:30 AM if you haven't had the chance to check us out!





We had three great Open Hub sessoins today. Take a look below to find out more about these exciting innovations!


Social, Empathy, and Engagement


Ms. Joanna Pawluk from IndaHash picked up "influencer marketing" as a topic in her session. "As the world gets digitalized, the power of individual's online post is getting bigger. In this situation, it's important to generate empathy between company and users. Ideally influencer should bridge the gap between consumer and company, and they become a part of corporate brand. This is the style of future advertising."

Does Blockchain Create Value for Home Tech?


The session theme of Mr. Hiro Shinohara from SIVIRA was "Future with blockchain"Blockchain can be applied for broad areas. As IoT technology is progressing, the communication with not just person to person but also thing to thing can be generated. For example, the cars can talk to each other and payment can be done. The impact of blockchain is as big as internet or even more, It will make the big wave of innovation."

The 0th Industrial Revolution


Mr Yoshiyuki Fujishima from Japan Bioindustry Association, Mr. Yasuhiro Maeda from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japanese Government, Ms. Naho Kitano from ASUKOE PARTNERS, Mr. Shinichiro Yasukawa from MISTLETOE, Mr Hiroki Yokote from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japanese Government, shared their idea. It was "The 0th Industrial Revolution". Big transition of industrial structure is expected in the near future. The progress of biotechnology will cause it. However, Mr. Maeda and his team believe, it does not transform the industrial structure, but also drastically change culture, society, and organizations. That's why we call this transformation as "0th Industrial Revolution". As Japanese government, we try to realize the circular society in harmony with nature.

We will have OpenHub sessions and new business idea displays. Please come and visit!



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