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Low-carb diet support service for families

Keep up your healthy diet every day.

If you give up rice, bread, and pasta, you may not feel satisfied, or you could run out of ideas for meals. So itʼs not easy to keep on a low-carb diet. YORISOI-Gohan is a food service that allows you to easily maintain and enjoy a low-carb diet. Itʼs a combination of a low-carb rice alternative with a familiar rice-like texture along with a dedicated app that supports healthy cooking and dietary habits and monitoring your familyʼs physical condition.
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    Easy and satisfying meals

    YORISOI-Gohan is a low-carb and high-protein rice alternative, made from wheat, soybeans, and eggs. It’s developed to have a chewy and a little sticky texture in response to common complaints about low-carb diets, such as “I don't feel like Iʼve eaten enough.” YORISOI-Gohan is ready by just heating it up in the microwave.
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    Delicious low-carb meal plan

    This service includes an app for purchasing YORISOI-Gohan, ingredients, and healthy meal kits as well as for looking up recipes from chef partners and other users. It also helps you manage your diet as the app provides nutritional values for each menu item and its ingredients.
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    Low-carb diet monitoring

    The app keeps track of vital information and meal choices. It records your physical data and blood sugar levels, and it links to nutritional data of your diet so you can see the effects of your low-carb diet. It recommends recipes that fit your physical profile and dietary preferences, based on recorded data.


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    川端 久美子
    Kumiko Kawabata

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    辻 清孝
    Kiyotaka Tsuji

  • yorisoigohan_tsuji-thumb-240xauto-2123.jpg

    村岡 仁
    Jin Muraoka

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