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Online gallery building service

Delivering your world view at a distance

Uttzs online gallery is a virtual exhibition space that overlaps with real exhibitions. Your exhibition space becomes an online gallery, freeing it from the limits of a physical location and exhibition schedule. Now you can attract interest from all over the world. You can even interact with visitors in real time and sell your work, as if you are together, using its communication and transaction capabilities. We hope that these services will contribute to the creation of a future enriched by diverse creative activities.
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    A smart way to build your gallery online

    You can easily create your online gallery with Uttzs gallery editor, your PC/tablet and cameras.

    1. Create an account
    2. 360° space shoot/High-resolution image capture
    3. Upload/Edit using the gallery editor

    Exhibitions that you can only hold for a limited time and in a certain place can be seen and remain active online.
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    360° view and take a closer look

    Create a 360° exhibition space that can be walked through freely. Visitors can also look at everything up close with ultra-high resolution images.
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    Real-time interaction in the online gallery

    The chat and video call functions let you communicate with visitors while they are viewing the work. Share your ideas and exchange messages about the work, as if you were talking with them in person.
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    Smooth transaction for selling and buying

    The online gallery you create has the functionality of an e-commerce site, where artwork and original goods can be bought and sold. Your online gallery will also be included in Uttzs curation site to introduce your world of art to wider audience.


  • uttzs_tanoue.jpg

    田上 雅彦
    Masahiko Tanoue

  • uttzs_uehara.jpg

    植原 昂
    Koh Uehara

  • uttzs_ohmae.jpg

    大前 謙
    Ken Ohmae

  • uttzs_nakamura.jpg

    中村 雄志
    Yushi Nakamura

  • uttzs_minoda.jpg

    蓑田 佑紀
    Yuki Minoda

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