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A Brand New Whitening Method Derived from H2O and CO2

Whiter teeth with H2O and CO2. A revolutionary way to whiten teeth

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

Conventional teeth whitening can trigger tooth sensitivity and requires a lot of patience. No more. Sylphid offers a new and different way to whiten teeth. Panasonic has applied its functional mist technology to produce the active ingredient for whitening, OH Radicals, from carbon dioxide and water. This all natural ingredient is used to remove stains on teeth.
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    Embrace Sylphid, a new style of Whitening

    Conventional home teeth whitening methods can create unevenness in color and also trigger sensitivity. Sylphid eliminates these problems. Insert a CO2 cartridge and a cotton ball soaked in water into the device and put the mouthpiece over your teeth. Then just relax.

    *This technology is currently under development and testing. The content of this website is for information purposes only and do not guarantee the performance or effects of the product.
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    The technology of Sylphid

    < Step1. >

    Preparing CO2 and H2O. Inserting a CO2 cartridge and a cotton ball soaked in water into the Sylphid device.

    < Step2. >

    Panasonic's functional mist technology produces the active ingredient OH Radical.

    < Step3. >

    Spread the active ingredient through the special mouthpiece.

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    Daily whitening made easy

    < The special Sylphid app supports your teeth whitening. >

    The whitening management app for Sylphid will serve as your assistant, supporting your teeth whitening efforts by providing a record of your progress and keeping track of cartridge status so you always know how much is left.

    < Make whitening teeth more enjoyable with your favorite flavors. >

    The Sylphid CO2 Cartridges also come in a variety of different flavors.


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