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Automatic editing and distribution platform for sports videos

Keep the moments of the power play forever

Parents are excited to see their kids doing well in sports. Kids feel joy when their parents watch them playing sports. Yet many parents can’t make it to every game. When they can go, they want to follow kids with their own eyes, rather than shooting video and editing it later. Spodit is an automatic service that shoots sports activities and edits the game into a digested video featuring a specific player. The video is delivered to parents to enjoy memorable plays anytime.
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    Never missing those important moments

    We lease a DUAL 4K CAMERA UNIT that shoots the entire sports field to sports clubs. Once the unit is set up, it captures all the action of all the players in the game. When the unit is connected to the Internet, the footage from the two cameras is seamlessly combined into one video in the cloud.
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    Video that features your child in the center

    By automatically identifying a specific player from the face and uniform number in the video, the AI editor tracks the player to edit the video. It can zoom in on your child, keeping the full HD quality.
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    Delivering only the scenes you want to watch

    The AI editor detects actions in the video, tags them, and generates a digested video of highlighted scenes. You can choose your favorite scenes later, and automatic editing will incorporate the scenes you want.
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    Never miss your child’s games

    Spodit sends notifications to your smartphone for upcoming games and when a digested video is ready. Secondary use of the video is limited for security.


  • spodit_iwayama.jpg

    岩山 雄大
    Yudai Iwayama

  • spodit_sugioka.jpg

    杉岡 将伍
    Shogo Sugioka

  • spodit_kokaji.jpg

    小梶 裕貴
    Hiroki Kokaji

  • spodit_kawai.jpg

    川合 悠加
    Yuka Kawai

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