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Sleep wellness through personalizing sleep environments

Sleep smarter, live better

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

SLEEPWISE is designed to facilitate the creation of a unique sleeping environment for each user. The base unit and wearable module monitor the sleeper’s environment and sleep quality throughout the evening.
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    Better sleep for you

    SLEEPWISE uses a combination of sensors to collect information on your sleep quality and room environment. It uses this information to analyse and calculate the optimal conditions for your comfort throughout the night by relaying the information to smart home devices connected in the room. From air quality, temperature, lighting to humidity, SLEEPWISE has you covered.
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    Comfort meets

    The SLEEPWISE unit separates into a base unit and wearable module when in use. The wearable module is coated in a soft silicon and can be attached comfortably to pajamas or inside the bedding to track your movement and temperature. The base unit remains on a night stand where it monitors your breathing patterns and ambient room measurements like humidity, light pollution, and temperature.
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    It’s all about you

    The SLEEPWISE app doesn’t just record sleep, it learns about how you sleep. It continuously updates your smart sleeper profile to make better choices, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible. By wearing the module every night,SLEEPWISE learns your biorhythms to ensure you go to sleep and wake up comfortably everyday.
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    A part of your home

    Once connected to your home, SLEEPWISE works in the background to improve your sleep-wake cycle. With your SLEEPWISE profile, the app anticipates when you should ideally go to bed and changes your environment to encourage sleepiness. When the module is disconnected from the base unit, active sleep monitoring starts automatically.


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