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Smart Toothbrush for Pets

For a healthier life with your pets

”Brushing my pet’s teeth? I want to but can’t.I can’t keep doing it regularly.” Pecoral is a dental care for your pet friends with a community of support.
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    Tooth brushing protects the health of your pets

    If you want a long and healthy life for your pets, you need to look after their health every day. Since they can’t communicate in human language, you also need to develop knowledge about their health. We will create a new community for people who care about the dental health of their pets so that people can actively communicate to enrich their lives with animals.
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    Smart toothbrush & app

    < Smart toothbrush for pets >

    1. Tasty dental care supplement,

    2. The strength of vibration can be changed manually or using the app. So you can start off gently while your pet gets used to it.

    < Pecoral App >

    The app maps out the areas brushed to check your progress and confirm cleanliness. You can also look at videos and photographs posted by other members in the pet owners’ community.

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    Stay tuned for more services

    One of our plans is to include membership services to provide personalized products and services for pet owners and their pets by utilizing life log data collected through Pecoral and other IoT devices for pets. That will benefit users with automatic delivery of accessories, reward system, discounts on pet insurance, and referrals for obedience schools.


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    田頭 裕子
    Yuko Tagashira

  • member_miho.jpg

    藤田 美穂
    Miho Fujita

  • member_satoshi.jpg

    湯浅 賢
    Satoshi Yuasa

  • member_eriko.jpg

    芝野 枝里子
    Eriko Shibano

  • member_yuko_i.jpg

    市丸 祐子
    Yuko Ichimaru

  • member_takako.jpg

    安藤 貴子
    Takako Ando

  • member_yuka.jpg

    光安 優花
    Yuka Mitsuyasu

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