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Self hairstyling solution

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Hairdressing exactly the way you want.

Now you can design your hairstyle every day as easy as you change your clothes. With a back view display, you can see, adjust, and refine your hairstyle effortlessly. michor makes your hairstyling dreams come true.
  • michor_image_1.png

    'Watch your back, hands free

    XXXX(翻訳未定)With just a touch, it displays your back view. You can create your hairstyle, checking the front and back at the same time.
  • michor_2.jpg

    Record the back view while hairstyling

    The live video displayed can be recorded. You can upload the video to the cloud and communicate with other users.
  • michor_image3.png

    Connect with your favorite hair salon

    The Q&A bulletin board function lets you ask questions to a hair stylist and receive advice.


  • nakashima.jpg

    中島 有季子
    Yukiko Nakashima

  • oie.jpg

    尾家 瑶子
    Yoko Oie

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