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Kitchen Realm Optimization & Nurturing Operating System

Helping new recruits get ready for action quickly

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

Using Smart Glass as the main interface, we provide content covering procedures for cooking, opening, closing, and other training to build effective training environments that help move inexperienced workers, or workers from  ifferent language backgrounds, to the front line of kitchens quickly.
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    Problems of restaurant industry

    Restaurant industry faces the serious problems of the labor force shortage. As hard work and long hours lead to the quick turnaround, the perception of harsh treatment spread around the younger generation and it’s getting harder to recruit new staffs. It will lead to the shortage of workers. It will also cause shortage of mentors and time to train.
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    Effective training in any environment.

    Cooking training solution of Kronosys provides three unique features.
    < Linking Devices >

    It improves kitchen workflow efficiency.

    It provides hands free operation available.

    < Multi-lingual >

    Train employees with different languages.

    < Remote training >

    Video and audio is also available.

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    Revolutionizing professional kitchens with IoT

    Beyond operational training, Kronosys will evolve into an overall efficiency and growth support system by utilizing accumulated data on various devices and employee performance.

    < Linking Devices >

    Optimization by linking kitchen devices, face recognition and POS systems.

    < Data Log Functions >

    To Better Understand Human Behavior/ To Help Develop New Technologies (ex. Robotics)/ To Refine Food Materials Management.


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    高橋 哲夫
    Tetsuo Takahashi

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    有井 英樹
    Hideki Arii

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    松田 典久
    Norihisa Matsuda

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    渡邊 好子
    Yoshiko Watanabe

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