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Turn housekeeping into health keeping

Improve your health through housework day by day!

Cleaning, washing, cooking, and other activities around the house could be physically demanding. KajiTrainer is a service to help you use those physical demands as fitness exericises that fit into your daily life. The wearable KajiTrainer belt will lead you to a new healthier lifestyle, adding the fitness factor to your daily housekeeping routines.
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    Exercise menus are selected based on your ability and with your safety in mind

    Exercise menus that are suited to your fitness level are delivered to your app from the cloud regularly. These menus have been created under the supervision of experts. Further, the exercises you complete will be recorded, and you will receive personalized programs according to your progress.
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    Check the effects in real-time, and share the results with others

    You can review the results of the exercises using the app. KajiTraner allows you to look at your training logs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep you motivated by tracking your progress on the display. You can also share your results with your family and friends!
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    Your belt is your trainer! Real-time voice instructions

    KajiTrainer’s sensor detects your movement during exercises, and it gives interactive voice instructions. It even encourages your daily chores with phrases like “There you go. Keep it up!” The belt has a sensor to detect your movement and a speaker to provide voice instructions.


  • kaji.jpg

    鍛冶 茉里奈
    Marina Kaji

  • matsuo.jpg

    松尾 彩佳
    Sayaka Matsuo

  • shojima.jpg

    生嶋 拓也
    Takuya Shojima

  • saito.jpg

    斉藤 公昭
    Masaaki Saito

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