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Social interaction and wellness through play

Play together, Laugh together, Be Well together

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

True health requires not just good physical condition but also psychological fulfillment. Göbie is a wearable focused on improving social wellness via interactive play. Göbie catalyzes spontaneous and connected play experiences that help users create a sense of community whenever or wherever.
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    Social interaction and wellness through play

    Göbie provides pop-up play opportunities that build social connection and encourage users to be mindful of their social wellness. Brief moments of voluntary social interaction provide low pressure playful experiences through the utilization of gestures and nonverbal communication. This allows users to interact with others beyond a screen.
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    Convenient wearable for play

    The Göbie band utilizes haptic feedback, gesture recognition, and a visual LED language in combination with an easy-to-use App to ensure that it fits seamlessly into the user's lifestyle.
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    How it works

    1. Wear Göbie device on your wrist and go out on the town!
    2. Haptic notification indicates when another Göbie user is nearby.
    3. Göbie coordinates a pop-up play opportunity
    4. Brief moments of voluntary social interaction provide low-pressure playful experiences.
    5. Positive Feedback through App.
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    Product Design

    A connected app recognizes when other Göbie users are near, provides interaction instructions, tracks social wellness score, and connects to social media.


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    Qinzi Tan

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    Courtney Snavely

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    Tim Ronco

  • member_Jane.png

    Jane Mitchell

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