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Ferment 2.0

Healthy Life with Miso Balls

The Magic of Miso

Miso is a seasoning ingredient made from soybeans and grains by fermenting and maturing them. Miso is rich in enzymes that help to digest and absorb proteins and essential amino acids.

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    Step1 - Make Your Own Natural Organic Miso

    < Miso Making Kit Delivery Service >

    We deliver ingredients for homemade miso. No preservatives. No additives. Safe and sure.We select only high quality organic ingredients.

    < Fermentation Monitoring >

    Based on data from the temperature sensor, you can check on its progress in fermenting using the app. Your Miso is ready in around 2 months!

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    Step2 - Healthier Life with Personalized Miso Dishes

    < Miso Ball Kit Delivery Service >

    Add ingredients in the kit to make small miso balls to keep on hand. You can enjoy delicious miso soup anytime anywhere just by pouring hot water over them.

    < Miso Life Navigation >

    We’ll give you personalized recommendation on good combinations of miso and ingredients to optimize your physical condition. We’ll help you navigate your healthy diet.


  • member_yamamoto.jpg

    山本 尚明
    Naoaki Yamamoto

  • member_ayaka.jpg

    木村 文香
    Ayaka Kimura

  • member_shinkai.jpg

    真貝 雄一郎
    Yuichiro Shinkai 

  • member_yamada_r1.png

    山田 由佳
    Yuka Yamada

  • member_matsui.png

    松井 紀絵
    Toshie Matsui

  • menber_sonoda.jpg

    其田 譲治
    Joji Sonoda
    (Partner from Marukome Co., Ltd.)

  • memeber_kitagawa.jpg

    北川 学
    Manabu Kitagawa
    (Partner from Marukome Co., Ltd.)

  • member_xu.jpg

    呉 雪梅
    Wu Xuemei
    (Partner from Marukome Co., Ltd.)

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