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Smart Family Connection

Connecting families across distance.
A new style of communication.

If you have family living apart, you might always be worrying about how they are doing. With Famileel, you don’t need to call to find out if they are home. When they get close to the device, it lets you know.
  • famileel_set01.png

    You can tell you are “here” for family

    When they get close to the device, it lets you know. So you can feel more like you are living with them under the same roof.
  • famileel_set02.png

    Easy installation and operation

    Just connecting Famileel with TV and tap the button, you can see and communicate.
  • famileel_set03.png

    Even when living apart, we can sense each other being “there.”

    When you’d like to talk face to face, just tap Famileel. The large text display of your conversation makes it much easier to understand than a conventional audio-only phone.


  • member_takeshi.jpg

    久保 武
    Takeshi Kubo

  • member_eri.jpg

    近森 絵里
    Eri Chikamori

  • member_yu.jpg

    森川 悠
    Yu Morikawa

  • member_koichiro.jpg

    山下 幸一郎
    Koichiro Yamashita

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