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Oral Health Self-Check System

An easy self-check for a new dental healthcare habit.

Support healthy habit for your teeth
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    Self-check the inside of your mouth by imaging. A new dental healthcare habit.

    DECARTE boasts of proprietary optical and image-processing technology. With using high-definition image device and high-speed video shooting technology, it can visualize the inside of your mouth with clear and stable images. Once you download the special app, it stores data, notifies you of risks, and provides helpful advice.
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    Aiding in early detection of dental problems with "Scan", "Check" and "Connect"

    In addition to "Scan: Easily take “selfies” of the inside of your mouth" and "Check: It tells you where to clean more and where to watch for tooth decay and gum disease", DECARTE provides the service to "Connect: You can share the images you take with your dentist". It helps to detect areas that need medical attention.
    *The content in this publication represents concepts created for marketing research. The products and services included are under consideration for further development.


  • otsuka.jpg

    大塚 泰雄
    Yoshio Ohtsuka

  • suzuki.jpg

    鈴木 遼
    Ryo Suzuki

  • nakajima_true.jpg

    中嶋 俊幸
    Toshiyuki Nakashima

  • izawa.jpg

    伊澤 正人
    Masato Izawa

  • aihara.jpg

    粟飯原 雅之
    Masayuki Aihara

  • saito.jpg

    齋藤 由美
    Yumi Saito

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