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Mask-shaped air purifier

Better air quality for you and your direct environment

The air around streets with heavy traffic is polluted with dust and other harmful particulates. Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and residents around those areas are exposed to the pollutants and may be taking them in through breathing. AiryTail purifies the air for both motorcyclists and the people around them.
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    Cleans the air and sends it to the motorcyclists and those around them

    AiryTail uses a “Dual airflow system” to create two airflows, and sends clean air to the motorcyclists and those around them.
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    Protects against pollutants and discomfort

    Two filters effectively capture airborne pollutants*, such as PM2.5, pollen, and dust, and send clean air to the motorcyclist. It also receives the air while riding, and uses it to cool the area around the motorcyclist’s neck. Furthermore, it uses 99% UV cut and water repellent functions to further increase riding comfort.
    *Not all harmful substances can be removed from the air.
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    A single rider releases the air equivalent to 30 people

    Part of the air that is purified by AiryTail travels around the motorcyclist’s neck and is ejected. One motorcyclist can release the filtered air equivalent to the respiratory volume of about 30* people. As more riders wear AiryTail, there will be a greater positive effect on the surrounding environment.
    *About 14,000 liters of filtered air is released when driving at 30 km/h for one hour, which is theoretically equivalent to the breathing of about 30 people for one hour.
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    Purify the air and earn points

    You can get points* according to the volume of air that you have purified. With the AiryTail app, you can use these points to purchase replacement filters or other products.
    *Use of the point system is under consideration by collaborating with business partners.


  • AiryTail_yamanaka.jpg

    山中 香苗
    Kanae Yamanaka

  • AiryTail_kato.jpg

    加藤 優貴
    Masaki Kato

  • AiryTail_morita.jpg

    盛田 吉紀
    Yoshiki Morita

  • AiryTail_sako.jpg

    迫 健太郎
    Kentaro Sako

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