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The Game Changer Catapult project is initiated with the passions of individuals. A passion for solving the problems of a special someone, or creating a new future – such passions make people so enthusiastic that they devote all their time to realize their own ideas. We try to create our future by being a “launch pad” for all challengers with passions for creating new values and changing the world with their ideas. Hence, we make two “miracles” happen.


An idea with plentiful possibilities, but not yet existing in the world – in order to embody such an idea and create the future, we believe that the sympathy of users is an important factor. Therefore, we publish ideas and prototypes of the development phase to the public, ask for people’s opinions, and broaden the circle of people who sympathize with us. By making repetitive improvements based on the feedbacks obtained through such a process, the idea is promptly given shape. In order to sophisticate and embody our ideas, we actively collaborate with various professionals from different areas. We respect each other’s world views and trust each other.
While creating chemical reactions caused by cooperation with our partners, we promptly challenge things without being constrained by precedents. This is the process of creation of our precious future.


Game Changer Catapult members

Game Changer Catapult members

Satoru Sugiyama Director, Game Changer Catapult

Satoru Sugiyama
Director, Game Changer Catapult

We lead in generating new value.

The speed of change in our lives is accelerating. Paradigm shifts in values are taking place all around the globe. It's time for a game change. Shed conventional thinking, and start creating new value that people have not been aware of. We can spring forward together to make a better life, a better world.


Game Changer Catapult

Open collaboration beyond the field

We actively collaborate with external partners. If you are interested in, please contact us from the "CONTACT" page.

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