Mar 11, 2018

Panasonic House @ SXSW Report (2nd day)

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Panasonic House @ SXSW Report (2nd day)

2nd day of Panasonic House @ SXSW has been done! Thank you for coming and talk to us. It was a great motivation to improve our business ideas.





Some journalists and influencers visited us today. Thank you for coming.




We're happy to have you @teresa_ and @alwaysdte.

We have four sessions at Panasonic Open Hub. Here is a quick summary.

Social Transformation of the Traditional Mass Media


Mr. Nobuyuki Nose from Fuji Television Network, Inc. talked about the latest trend of online news and community especially about guarantee of security. He said "The mission of media is not only providing the news in one direction, but also activating the community members and generating insights among them. That will lead to the active communities."

Creative Designers Boost Innovations


Tomohiro Shigeura, from Panasonic talked about how designers produce innovations. He said, "I believe the mission of designers is providing the better life consumers. In order to do that, I always try to generate ideas from daily life insights, try many process with think of users, and cmomunicate it to people. That will lead to the innovation. Our project FUTURE LIFE FACTORY redefine the better life as "Next Humanity" in order to accelerate the innovations.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Using AI


Mr. Yasuro Koizumi from FiNC suggets healthcare tech with AI. He spoke that the quolity of life after getting old is depending on how we spend daily life healthy when young. In order to keep healthy, AI can help us because we serve much data like pictures of standing posture and meals we had, such daily data serving can support your long life.

Creative Lifehack with Onigiri Rice Balls


Mr. Ryuta Kawano from JAUS spoke about the greatness of rice culture which is healthy, does not include gluten, also can be used for many japanese cuisine like Sake, Wagashi and rice cake. Particulary Onigiri rice ball is high potential food because it can be portable, healthy and customizable fastfood.

We will wait for your for the rest of the duration (with free T-shirt). Enjoy!



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