Happiness, I Wear It Well

Vision & Concept

You long to get dressed with your favorite style everyday. You want to be more beautiful. You love feminine scents. We will make your wish happen.
A new lifestyle for those ready to enjoy work, time with family, and more


No longer need you rely on drycleaners to care for your favorite clothes. This new clothing care system releases you from the chores of laundry, now you are free to customize your clothes with a very personal touch, such as a fragrance matching your mood for the day. Simply hang your favorite blouse or shirt and when you take them out they are clean with no fuss about wrinkles or the mixed fabric washes of conventional washing machines.
Simply select a SHAMPOO designed for different materials or to deal with stains and set the optimal wash. Clothes not suitable for washing in water are steamed removing wrinkles, dust, and odors; now your wardrobe is bright, fresh and clean every day.
The EFFECTOR lets you give that little extra personal finish, such as fragrances, UV protection, or softener; every day your clothes perfectly match your schedule, your mood and even the weather. We are working together with a renowned partner company to expand our exclusive line of detergents and developing our software to meet all your needs.



  • Mariko Ando

  • Haruka Ohno

  • Saori Okura

  • Atsuko Oono

  • Cuiyan Huang

  • Eriko Hata

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