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A Social Appearance Coaching Device

Persuasion Beyond Words

A holistic approach to monitoring our own tone of voice, gestures, and posture. Connecting our body and mind to become a better communicators.

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

Do you often get nervous when you give an important presentation or speak publicly? Do your hands start shaking or do you stutter when you try to talk? This Social Appearance Coaching Device monitors your gestures, posture and voice to give you advice that can improve your communication skills and boost your self-esteem.
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    Monitor and improve your verbal & nonverbal communication skills

    This wearable device monitors your gestures, posture, and voice. For instance, it analyzes the tendency of your posture and voice in meetings or presentations and gives you personalized advices on how to be more persuasive in your expression. It is a new approach to gain a better understanding of how we look, sound and are perceived by others.
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    Stick to Your Goals, Build your Confidence.

    We each have our own style of communication style. For instance, some people prefer to be more persuasive with a calm tone of voice and dignified posture. While others may prefer to be more energetic with dynamic gestures and a vibrant tone of voice. Customize your own social behavior goals with the app.
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    Key Features

    ・Automatically tracks voice tone, speech speed, posture, and gestures by clipping onto your shirt or bra.
    ・Vibration feedback supports proper posture and gives gesture reminders based on your personalized goals.

    Sound sensor
    Motion sensor
    Stress sensor
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    Project TAKT members are developing the prototype with Junichi Yamaoka, Keio University Researcher, with a debut expected at SXSW 2017.


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    秋元 伸浩
    Nobuhiro Akimoto

  • member_ogawa.png

    小川 智輝
    Tomoki Ogawa

  • member_morimoto.png

    森本 高志
    Takashi Morimoto

  • member_asano.png

    浅野 花歩
    Kaho Asano

  • member_yamaoka.png

    山岡 潤一
    Junichi Yamaoka
    Keio University Researcher, Artist

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