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Sake Cooler

Appreciating the Craft of the Sake Brewers

Conveying the thoughts of the Brewer

With the belief that the brewery’s determination and the passion of making Sake are the origin of deliciousness, it aims to help you know about the Sake made with great care, to offer you the environment to taste and enjoy Sake in the best condition, and to help you remember the meal with your special someone.
  • Display brewery information and suggest dishes matching Sake

    The Sake Cooler not only cools Sake, but connects the brewer with you. It is a product for you to enjoy Sake even more. In addition to the basic feature to cool Japanese Sake to the best temperature, information of the brewery is displayed simply by inserting the bottle. It offers you suggestions for dishes matching each Sake.
  • Recommends other Sake based on your previous data

    The user’s preference is saved along with the label image as log-data, and recommends other Sake based on your previous data. As a platform to deepen the bonds between breweries around the world and Sake fans, we aim to build a global-scale community in the future.


  • 幸 裕弘
    Yasuhiro Yuki

  • 阿曽 光洋
    Mitsuhiro Aso

  • 石井 雅博
    Masahiro Ishii

  • 片岡 章
    Akira Kataoka

  • 片山 朋子
    Tomoko Katayama

  • 亀井 梨奈子
    Rinako Kamei

  • 速水 孝之
    Takayuki Hayami

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