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Delivering the Healthy and Tasty Lifestyle with Onigiri by OniRobot

Handy and healthy food, Japanese style gourmet rice ball, onigiri

Unfortunately we're still on the design & development phase and no more information to share with you than the information on the website.

Onigiri has those unique characteristics. Gluten free balanced diet. Easy to eat with just one hand. Wide choice of ingredients to put inside. We would like more people to try this healthy and tasty food.
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    Technology to create “handmade” touch

    Our OniRobot adopt pressure feedback control technology using “3D hand*” that can apply pressure from five directions. It realize the quality of professional chef. Controlled pressure from five directions makes it possible to create that handmade touch. 
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    Next generation restaurant business

    Cooking: Leave the cooking to the robot. Greatly reduces the operational costs. Operational Duties: Leave the complicated task of ordering ingredients to the app. Visualization of sales trend such as by menu item or time period. Store Development: Enabling new business to thrive without specialized expertise. Expand your business by franchising.
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    Smart and healthy diet with onigiri

    Presenting Daily Specials: The app can offer suggested menu ideas every day for each user. Customizable to Fit Your Needs: Ingredients can be arranged as you like. Easy Order and Pickup: Ordering and payment can be done through the app. Just visit your nearest OniRobot shop to receive your order.


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    加古 さおり
    Saori Kako

  • member_hitomi.jpg

    吉備 仁美
    Hitomi Kibi

  • member_yafei.jpg

    高 雅菲
    Yafei Gao

  • member_eiichiro.jpg

    鳥海 英一郎
    Eiichiro Toriumi

  • member_toshihiro.jpg

    藤田 敏広
    Toshihiro Fujita

  • member_ni.jpg

    N. I.

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