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Gel nails treatment with convertible adhesion base coat

Nailed it... Gel nails become nail friendly

Gel nails are a great invention for fashion and artistic expression to show your individuality. However, have you ever been concerned about the damage it causes to your nails, irritated by how much time it takes to remove, or frustrated in communicating with your nail technician to get the exact design you want? A brand new approach to gel nails, nafeee, was born to address those issues. Now you can enjoy gel nails more easily and with greater comfort.
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    nafeee delivers a new experience for gel nails

    nafeee is a new type of gel nail that uses a base coat which foams when exposed to specific UV light. Gel nail removal can be completed in about 5 minutes, instead of 40 minutes* for removal with usual gel nails. There is no need for chemical solvents or polishing, and less damage to the nails.
    *Based on survey results from Nail Expo 2019 (n=43)
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    You can enjoy gel nails in the same way as before

    Just apply nafeee BASE COAT as your base instead of an ordinary base coat. Exposing the nafeee BASE COAT to specific UV light of nafeee NAIL LAMP for 5 minutes* changes the gel nail into a removable state.
    *The amount of UV exposure from nafeee NAIL LAMP for one removal is within the acceptable range for ultraviolet radiation (effective illuminance per day: 30 J/m2 or less) established by the Japan Society for Occupational Health.
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    You can easily find your favorite nail design

    The nafeee NAIL LAMP can also be used for curing gel nails. When the top coat is set and the treatment is completed, it automatically captures images of the nails by its built-in camera, and saves them to the Cloud. The design can be confirmed later and your favorite can be easily found.
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    New salon will know your preferences

    With the nafeee APP, while looking at salon locations and treatment availability, you can search for salons that are using nafeee and make reservations on the spot. When making a reservation, the design history from your nafeee treatments is automatically shared with your nail technician. So even a new salon knows what your preferences are.


  • nafeee_amari.jpg

    甘利 啓太郎
    Keitaro Amari

  • nafeee_matsui.jpg

    松井 はな
    Hana Matsui

  • nafeee_kawaguchi.jpg

    川口 慎介
    Shinsuke Kawaguchi

  • nafeee_umemoto.jpg

    梅本 大輝
    Taiki Umemoto

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