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Self hairstyling solution

Style your hair the way you want

Now, you can style your hair according to your current mood as easy as changing clothes. With a back view display, you can see, adjust, and refine your hairstyle effortlessly. michor makes your hairstyling dreams come true.
  • michor_image_1.png

    Check your hairstyle from behind with your hands free

    With the installed display mirror and camera, a touch of the mirror surface will display the back view. You can style your hair while checking the front and back at the same time.
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    Record the view from the back while styling your hair

    The images displayed on the mirror can be recorded on video and viewed later on your smartphone through a dedicated app. By uploading the video to the cloud, you can allow other users to watch and comment, and also communicate with them.
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    Connect with your favorite hair salon

    For those who wish to try more sophisticated hairstyles or receive personal advice on hairstyles that suit you, premium services are available through the dedicated app. The Q&A bulletin board function lets you ask questions to a hairstylist and receive advice.


  • nakashima.jpg

    中島 有季子
    Yukiko Nakashima

  • oie.jpg

    尾家 瑶子
    Yoko Oie

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