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Howling Box

Interactive communication service through music

Let music take you to new places to make new friends

Howling Box is a new service that connects people through their shared interest in music.
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    Brand new experience,born from sharing music

    Howling Box provides interactive music services using its app and lanterns.You can search for a venue you like by the kind of music you enjoy. When you are at the venue, you can request music, or send feedback to people who have made selections. Let your favorite music help you interact, meet new friends in person and have fun together.
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    How you enjoy with Howling Box

    1. Venue search: Search for venues that play the kinds of music you enjoy using the map in the Howling Box app.
    2. Check-in:Check in and join the Howling Box network community in the venue by holding your smartphone over the lantern.
    3. Music request: Request the music you want to hear using the Howling Box app and enjoy that music with people in the venue. The light in the lantern rotates when the music you requested is playing, identifying you as the requester
    4. Receiving feedback: You can use the app to send feedback to people who have requested music. When you receive feedback, the app alerts you, and the lantern changes color.


  • mizoguchi.jpg

    溝口 仁也
    Hitonari Mizoguchi

  • matsunami.jpg

    松波 陽平
    Yohei Matsunami

  • kido.jpg

    城戸 涼
    Ryo Kido

  • yamaguchi.jpg

    山口 龍太郎
    Ryotaro Yamaguchi

  • hiraide.jpg

    平出 博樹
    Hiroki Hiraide

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