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The Ferment

Unleash the Power of Fermentation

Fermented food support service,
allowing you to enjoy making fermented food

Fermented foods aid the absorbing of nutrients and the digesting process, and are superfoods rich in umami components and high in nutrition. Tasting fermented food made by invisible bacteria and yeast is the same as tasting the wisdom of traditional food, as well as having a healthy diet.The Ferment offers you a lifestyle which fills your heart and body with joy you experience through growing and enjoying your fermented food.
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    Experience the farmented food culture through the program

    The Ferment is a fermented food support service, allowing you to enjoy making fermented food with a set containing ingredients delivered to you each month, fermenting process (smart recipe) according to the ingredient, and a fermenting machine. It offers you the chance to experience the food culture itself behind fermented foods, through seasonal ingredients along with the stories of where it was grown.
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    Share the knowledge to make fermented food with the fermentation community

    By using an app which you can obtain the ingredients, manage the fermentation, and view arranged recipes, the land, the maker and the user all connects, creating various new ways to enjoy your fermenting experience. You can start with the professional fermented food arrangements, and then add ingredients, change the recipe. Each individual can simply record and share the knowledge to make fermented food along with the fermentation community.


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    山本 尚明
    Naoaki Yamamoto

  • member_ura.jpg

    浦 はつみ
    Hatsumi Ura

  • member_seki.jpg

    關 智子
    Tomoko Seki

  • member_mizuno.jpg

    水野 晴彦
    Haruhiko Mizuno

  • member_shinkai.jpg

    真貝 雄一郎
    Yuichiro Shinkai

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