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Online service for creative education through drawing

Providing a place to nurture creativity for children around the world

Creativity will become increasingly important for children to open up a future filled with new possibilities. But how much time and space do you have for creativity at home? DrawNet is an online education service that brings out children’s free ideas through drawing. It contributes to fostering creativity by collaborating with creative instructors (pro creators, artists, etc.) to increase the enjoyment of drawing.
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    Foster creativity with drawing studios

    Many creative instructors in a variety of fields offer drawing studios where children can enjoy drawing. Children can easily participate in these studios online from the DrawNet app. You can select them according to how well the participation style and content match the children’s personality.
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    Enjoy drawing experience with many friends!

    The children can share their drawings using the DrawNet app and they can also send messages to their instructors and friends. That improves and accelerates their creativity.
    Drawings can be stored automatically in My Gallery.
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    Have even more fun with the premium service

    1. Private drawing lessons
    Communicate with your favorite instructor while receiving drawing advice.

    2. Participate in actual art events
    Take part in events organized by instructors. Exchange opinions and ideas with other participants.


  • 01_DrawNet_katsuyama.jpg

    勝山 雄介
    Yusuke Katsuyama

  • 02_DrawNet_kunimatsu.jpg

    國松 志帆
    Shiho Kunimatsu

  • 03_DrawNet_akai.jpg

    赤井 優也
    Yuya Akai

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