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Smart Dish for Superior Expression in Culinary Art

Creating one of a kind dish for enhanced expression of culinary art

Deep understanding of ingredients. Accumulated knowledge and skills for cooking. Sensitivity to creative ideas.Each dish that a chef creates has its own distinctive world. DishCanvas adds new expressiveness and possibilities to their culinary art.
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    New culinary presentation using images displayed on dishes

    DishCanvas is a dish equipped with a display to enhance culinary presentation. Complementing food with brand new presentation, with moving images and special effects,it delivers a fresh surprise to the table.
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    Texture and Motion

    'With its "Texture" and "Motion" functions, DishCanvas lets you express the season and the unique world of the cuisine more freely.Texture provides a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. You can customize the look to create the perfect marriage with the cuisine. For example, you could use images of the sky or forest or select from fabulous kimono patterns and textures. Motion allows you to add movement to those colors and patterns. You can make color spread from the cuisine or simulate ripples in water. DishCanvas offers endless possibilities to create amazing culinary presentations.
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    Create content intuitively

    With the DishCanvas app, anyone can create great moving images to go with cuisine.DishCanvas connects with your smartphone wirelessly. Just select the pattern and texture of the dish using the Texture function, and choose its movement using the Motion function. You can customize the various effects in detail to compose the best scene for your cuisine.


  • kudo.jpg

    工藤 有華
    Yuka Kudo

  • kobatake.jpg

    小畠 久輝
    Hisateru Kobatake

  • yamaguchi.jpg

    山口 拓也
    Takuya Yamaguchi

  • kawamoto.jpg

    河本 弘和
    Hirokazu Kawamoto

  • nakasu.jpg

    中須 慧
    Satoshi Nakasu

  • Reiko_Hagawa_profile.jpg

    羽川 令子
    Reiko Hagawa

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