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Delicious & Nutritious Lunch at Work

Reserve lunch box by app,
enjoy healthy lunch every day

A delicious lunch solution with reliable delivery service of healthy meals to the busy worker, with no need to go out or wait in line. A new and healthy lifestyle incorporating IoT to kitchen appliances.
  • bento_set01.png

    Reliable delivery serviceby by operation monitoring

    An IoT add-on unit + control platform solution for current bento (lunch plate) refrigerators:
    1. Smart Lock Function
    2. Smart Payment Function
    3. Operation Monitoring Function.
  • bento_set02.png

    Reserve, pay, and receive their bento, all by app

    The app allows users to easily reserve, pay, and receive their bento along with health advice, and the chance to leave reviews about menu items. In the future, we plan to make the platform open-source and easy to use not only in offices, but also in hospitals, schools, and shared houses, and extend its scope beyond bentos for deliveries and more. We intend to collaborate with many service providers on a global scale.


  • member_manabe.jpg

    真鍋 馨
    Kaoru Manabe

  • member_yabuno.jpg

    薮野 寛之
    Hiroyuki Yabuno

  • member_inoue.jpg

    井上 貴之
    Yoshiyuki Inoue

  • member_sato.jpg

    佐藤 孝宏
    Takahiro Sato

  • member_mukai.jpg

    向井 将泰
    Masayasu Mukai

  • member_nakamura.jpg

    中村 敬
    Takashi Nakamura

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