Innovative Solution for People with Difficulty in Eating

Vision & Concept

Even people whose strength to chew and swallow is weak and are suffering from dysphagia or an eating disorder can now eat meat and fish, which was difficult before, whilst having the same look, and taste and enjoy the same meal with their friends and family.
This is the world-first product which solves dysphagia and eating disorder by cooking utensils.


This is a cooker which can soften home-cooked meals, pre-made side dishes and packed lunches easily and quickly.
Meat and fish dishes which contain a lot of protein were hard to soften, but by our unique technology, you can now eat such dishes with their looks and taste. You do not need to prepare liquid food and designated care food when having a meal. Since the softness can be changed as well, it can be used for rehabilitating dysphagia.
With its portable and compact design, you can use it in a variety of ways, even when you go out with your friends and family, which you may have been worried about. In the future, we wish not only to sell hardware, but to continuously deepening our bond with the users through community business, such as making recipes together with the users.



  • Tokie Mizuno

  • Megumi Ogawa

  • Masaru Toya

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