Game Changer Catapult

Head of Game ChangerCatapult: Masa Fukata

We lead in generating new value.

The speed of change in our lives is accelerating. Paradigm shifts in values are taking place all around the globe. It's time for a game change. Shed conventional thinking, and start creating new value that people have not been aware of. We can spring forward together to make a better life, a better world.

Masa Fukata

Director, Game Changer Catapult

Have a great idea to create new value and new experiences in the world?
Game Changer Catapult is an initiative to transform your ideas into reality regardless of where or how you work and live.



  • Kosuke Suzuki

    Planning leader, Game Changer Catapult

  • Nobuhiro Akimoto

    Nobuhiro Akimoto

    Project leader, Game Changer Catapult

  • Kaoru Manabe

    Project leader, Game Changer Catapult


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